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Manthano aim to support anyone involved in the life of a child. We recognise that every child is Special, with Unique combinations of abilities and needs. Our primary vision is to S.E.R.V.E (Support, Equip, Resource, Value and Empower) parents, as well as leaders, volunteers and teachers working or supervising children within churches, communities, and organizations. We realize that by working together as we S.E.R.V.E, we will be able to raise up godly children that are confident learners, strong in faith and resilient. We believe that Every Child Matters. Thereby, every child approaches the future with confidence and is able to achieve their potential and become independent life-long learners.

Parenting with Angel Eyes Masterclass

Parenting With Angel Eyes Masterclass aims to give tools and skills to support parents nurture a child’s heart for leadership. It aims to help you develop your own philosophy of parenting based on Parenting for Angel Eyes framework which comes from years of research, biblical teaching and resources that are relevant and up to date with best practices.
As you implement Parenting With Angel Eyes framework, you will find yourself assessing your parenting style and personality, allowing yourself to be moulded by a biblical framework and a grace-based, heart-based approach to parenting. You will gain a greater perspective to parenting as you create long term goals and visions with confidence, motivation and faith. Our goal is to help you seek an understanding of the areas that need to be improved upon. We encourage parents to set aside perfection as we build on areas of strength. We teach topics such as, effective boundaries, building positive relationships, effective communication, discipline that connects and builds a positive self-esteem.  For more information contact or visit

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