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In the autumn 2021, the Parenting for Faith team will be running an online Parenting for Faith course specifically for the parents and carers of teens, or people who work with or who have teens in their life. Rachel Turner will be delivering the sessions live as we explore and learn what parenting for faith looks like when you have teenagers.

We know that parents and carers flourish when they are part of a supportive community around them: people on the same journey and people to encourage and support them. The Parenting for Faith course is usually run as part of a church, with a church leader hosting the course, creating community and pastoring the parents and carers on the course. But there are also occasions when people don’t have access to a local course, and in the past, we have run online courses so they can come alongside other parents and carers and do the course.

Therefore, there will be two ways for people to join the course:

  • As individuals, who will be sent the Zoom link. They will be put into breakout rooms for the discussion groups with other people who have signed up individually.
  • As part of a church group. A church host will sign up and receive the Zoom link. They are then free to pass that link onto as many families as they wanted to. If they are able to meet in person, it’s hoped that they might meet physically, watch the Zoom together and then chat and do the discussions together; if they are meeting on Zoom, then there will be a breakout room just for that church.

Our hope for the course is that as much as possible, parents and carers do the course as part of a church group, so we have fixed the price point to encourage churches to sign up to host their own families.

If you sign up as a church, we’ll also invite you to an optional online training event on 16th September. This will be to chat through how the course will work and explore together some of the specific needs and questions parents of teens have and some ways to support them well as you journey together.

Do sign up! The eight week course will run on Wednesday nights during the autumn term, starting on 29th September (with a week off in half term).

You can book and find out more about what will be covered in each session here - https://parentingforfaith.org/PFF-teens-focus

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