ChristmasAdvent Activity Ideas

It feels like 5 minutes ago I wrote a list of summer activity suggestions, and now here we are with Christmas on the horizon – how?!

With cold days and dark evenings, there’s more time spent indoors and sometimes it can be difficult to think of ideas of things to do with little ones (particularly that don’t cost the earth).  

Here are some of the pooled ideas of the NPI team, do let us know what you’d add!

  • Read, watch or act out the Christmas story
  • Bake/buy and take Christmas biscuits to someone on their own
  • Donate to a Foodbank
  • Get cosy and watch a Christmas film together
  • Make ‘fat cakes’ for birds for the garden – simple recipe here:
  • Attend a Carol Service
  • Visit the local library and borrow Christmas books
  • Build a Gingerbread House
  • Go on a welly walk, bring home any interesting leaves or branches and make a picture
  • Christmas music dance party
  • Hot Chocolate and all the trimmings!
  • Go on an evening drive and look for houses dressed up in lights
  • Make mince pies
  • Make reindeer ‘food’! Recipe ideas here:
  • Homemade decorations for the tree
  • Make gingerbread and save some for a friend
  • Make homemade wrapping paper
  • Put an encouraging letter through someones door
  • Put on a homemade Christmas puppet show
  • Make a door wreath
  • Make Christmas gifts for your postal worker, milkman or refuse collectors
  • Make a den for late night Christmas stories
  • Christmas Scavenger Hunt (Hide pictures of something festive all around the house/garden and encourage the kids to track them down)
  • Christmas carols over Zoom with family or friends
  • Late night walk with torches
  • Build a nativity scene out of Lego
  • Hide Christmas jumpers around your home - see who can find theirs the quickest!
  • Christmas PJs and making cinnamon rolls for Jesus’ birthday (an every year tradition for a member of our team!)
  • CELEBRATE… Happy Birthday Jesus!
By Kayte Potter, NPI Team



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