Redeeming Our Communities

Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) is a national faith-based initiative with over 250 projects nationwide. Our core work is community engagement and, as such, we have delivered hundreds of community Conversation events across the UK. These events typically bring together people from the across the community including public services, schools, NHS, businesses, local authority, community organisations and churches. The events celebrate the good work going on in communities and identify gaps in social provision. Action Groups are formed to address these gaps and new projects emerge.
One such project is the mentoring scheme which supports families.
The ROC Mentoring Scheme, which is fully accredited by COACH, an Australian mentoring programme which now supports over 60 organisations, 800 mentors and 600 participants across Australia and the UK. For those who complete a COACH accredited mentoring programme:
*        76% of participants find they achieve ‘significant’ goals they set for themselves at the start of the programme;
*           63% report they are more engaged with their community and many join a Christian community.
Here in the UK we have supported over 250 families during the lockdown period by adapting our programme to be delivered online.
We define a family mentor as a ‘friend with a purpose’ and this is proving to be a lifeline to many families who need support. The support provided is often very practical such as helping to fill out forms, accessing local services, going to appointments and planning a weekly schedule.
We hope to further expand our work in 2022.  Visit to find out more.
Debra Green OBE founding Director of ROC

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