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NPI Vision Events

You might have noticed on our social media platforms that every month we advertise a regional online Vision Event... You might have also wondered, what one earth one of those is?!

Well, we'd love to fill you in.

Each month we visit (online), a different area of the UK to meet with Christians in that area who have a passion for seeing families empowered and supported.  We invite speakers from great organisations who produce courses and resources to support families to share about what they do, and then we have time in break out rooms for all those joining us to ask questions and find out more.  The events are just an hour in length, completely free and full of encouragement. 

We've received lots of positive feedback about our events, and are looking forward to all those we have planned, so if you see one for your area, please join us! 

For more information on our events contact Kayte Potter at office@thenpi.org.uk.  To sign up for one of our upcoming events for Wiltshire & Dorset, Northumberland Tyne & Wear and Durham and Yorkshire visit our events page

                                                  Wiltshire and Dorset VE               N T&W and D Vision Event       
                                       Yorkshire Vision Event



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