Run a Course 

Imagine the impact we could make to our society if thousands of churches in the UK ran a parenting course this year.

Pledge your support now by registering your parenting course and together we can significantly impact our local communities and society by giving parents the confidence and tools they need to strengthen and enjoy their family life.

Now is the time to support parents and family life through church networks across the UK. Together Care for the Family, Family Time by New Wine, Relationship Central by Alpha International and a large group of senior church leaders have united together to encourage every church in the UK to run a parenting course in their local community. The courses are inexpensive, easy to run and provide you with the choice you need to best reach your community. These courses are designed for parents of any faith and those with no faith at all.

We hope you're excited about the National Parenting Initiative and would like to commit to running a parenting course. If that's the case then please Register Today!

Here are a few tried and tested courses but you are welcome to run any course you wish. 

Download and print your own posters

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