Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, like elsewhere, there is a huge need to support parents –  to bring parents together to encourage each other and help them recognise they are not alone in what they are going through.  The National Parenting Initiative (NPI) believes that meeting other parents and carers and talking about the skills for effective parenting can make a massive difference to family life.  The NPI aims to connect every parent and carer in Northern Ireland with a local course that provides practical tools to equip, encourage and support them.  

To find a parenting course near you, simply visit out Find a Course page.  All parenting courses offered by the NPI are run by churches of many denominations but you do not need to attend a church to join a course.  The courses themselves are designed for all parents and carers of any faith or of no faith.

Most courses offered are by one of four respected parenting providers.  To find out more about what is covered and what to expect, visit our Courses page.   

Run a course  

If you are a church and wish to register your parenting course, please Register Today! Registration takes less than five minutes and the NPI provides your course with free publicity and a wide range of resources.

Insight Support, 20/11/2018