There are an estimated 700,000 parents in Wales, and the National Parenting Initiative (NPI) aims to connect each one to a parenting course in their local community. Accessing a little bit of extra help with the challenging job of parenting is something that should be as easy as 1-2-3. So whether you want to find a course in your area, or your church wants to run a course for parents and carers in your community, we want to help you.

The courses that the NPI promote are open to anybody who wants to go along, to parents or carers of any faith, or of no faith.  Most materials come from one of our four trusted providers:  Care for the Family, New Wine, Family Caring Trust or Relationship Central.  

To find out more about what is covered and what to expect, visit our Courses page.

Run a course  

If you are a church and wish to register your parenting course, please Register Today! Registration takes less than five minutes and the NPI provides your course with free publicity and a wide range of resources.