Family Time 

Family Time is a set of resources designed for use in your community centre, school, local church or anywhere else that a community of parents can gather.

Because these resources cover from birth to the late teenage years you will find material relevant to you and your community.

Both courses are very practical and raise many of the issues that we have all come up against in family life from time to time. We hope we have provided a resource that enables people to be equipped for the practical issues of parenting.

But more than that the courses are about life skills. We hope that through doing either course you will find a new and exciting rhythm in family life.

Our aim through both courses is to reach the whole family. So although both courses deal with age-appropriate issues there is an underlying aim of whole family unity, good communication and peaceful homes. These courses help us to stop and reflect, not just on our children or teenagers, but also on family life. And then having stopped and reflected, encourage us to move on and look at both who we want to be and how we might get there.

Subjects covered are:

Parenting children

  • A vision for the family
  • Communicating love
  • Who is influencing my children?
  • Family values
  • Guiding, shaping and boundaries
  • Modelling love and respect

Parenting teenagers

  • The teenage universe
  • Teenage communication
  • Teenage growth
  • Teenage tensions
  • Teenage issues
  • Teenage pressures

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