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Family Time is a set of resources designed for use in your community centre, school, local church or anywhere else that a community of parents can gather.

Both courses are very practical and raise many of the issues that we have all come up against in family life from time to time. The hope of Family Time, is that they have provided a resource that enables people to be equipped for the practical issues of parenting.

Subjects covered are:

Parenting children

  • A vision for the family
  • Communicating love
  • Who is influencing my children?
  • Family values
  • Guiding, shaping and boundaries
  • Modelling love and respect

Parenting teenagers

  • The teenage universe
  • Teenage communication
  • Teenage growth
  • Teenage tensions
  • Teenage issues
  • Teenage pressures

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A number of churches in the New Wine Network (and other networks) run a programme called Circle of Security Parenting®.

The approach is evidence-based (external studies have been done which show it helps change outcomes for parents and children) and is recognised as effective by statutory authorities. This creates a level of trust with local partners (schools, nurseries, health visitors, social workers etc) and means that you are able to work more widely in your local community. 

In order to run this programme you need to have a background in parenting support/social care and undertake a 4 day professional training. 

To find out more about this approach and how it's used in the UK please visit the Connected Lives website and to find out more about the approach in general visit the Circle of Security website here

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