Family Caring Trust 

We were sad to hear that Family Caring Trust has taken the decision to close at the end of 2018. They have a closing down sale, details of this and the statement can be found here.

Family Caring Trust’s age-specific programmes offer parents, couples and young adults a supportive environment in which to learn and try out the skills of respectful communication and effective discipline at home. Courses are founded on an eclectic theoretical base and parents are encouraged to use only what they find works for them and their family.

Programme kits contain all the material necessary to deliver a course of 6-8 weeks including a leader’s guide, DVD input and participant handbook to reinforce the learning. Initial and Accredited training for facilitators is available. All sessions conclude with an optional spiritual reflection. 

From Pram to Primary School was created for parents of children aged up to 6 years.
What Can a Parent Do? was created for parents of children aged 5-15 years.

The Trust also offers a Teen-Parenting Programme, assertiveness courses for parents and young adults which reinforce the skills learned in the parenting programmes and a relationship enrichment course for couples.

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