Bereavement and Grief Support 

At a loss logo  Bereavement signposting charity, At a Loss, have lots of really useful resources on their website, including a section dedicated to bereavement during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Find it here (scroll down to point 7 to read about supporting children through the pandemic).

loss-and-hope  Loss and Hope is a growing movement to help churches across the UK support the bereaved.  There are lots of resources on their website, including a section of support on bereavement during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Find it here

parenting-for-faith logo (2) 'Death, Grief and Coronavirus' - "How can we prepare ourselves to help our children and young people if someone they know becomes very ill or dies?  Coronavirus means that our normal world has changed almost beyond recognition. And one of the new realities is that it is very likely we may at some point know someone who dies from the illness..." (read more here)

Care for the Family logo 'Social Distancing and Grief' - "
This period of social distancing and associated restrictions necessary due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has created many challenges to our normal way of life.  And we are all grieving the loss of many things we have quite rightly taken for granted.  This creates inconveniences, anxieties and tensions for all of us that are of course challenging in many ways..." (read more here)

Care for the Family logo 'Ten suggestions for planning a funeral during the Covid-19 pandemic'  Wise and thoughtful advice here from Care for the Family.

Care for the Family have also released the video below, which shares an experience of walking through bereavement with children.


(Photo by Dawid Zawila on Unsplash)
Kayte Potter, 03/04/2020