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Series One -  Families: A Toolkit for Church Leaders

Are you a church or ministry leader with questions on how to best support and empower families?  Then check out the short videos below or find them and subscribe on our channel

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Parenting as a Church Leader, Marriage Course, Vulnerable Families, Teenage Mental Health, Divorce, Bereavement, Toddler Groups, Co-Habiting, Additional Needs, Building Strong Relationships, Talking About Sex, Financial Hardship, Domestic Abuse, Fostering and Adoption

How should I, as a Church Leader, support someone who is experiencing domestic abuse at home?

Parenting as a Church Leader

Running the Marriage Course

 How can the church help vulnerable families?

How can the church best aid teenagers struggling with mental health?

Help!  A couple in my congregation want to divorce

How can the church be well equipped to handle bereavement?

How can the church run toddler groups that make a difference?

How can I talk to co-habiting couples in my congregation about marriage?

How can I equip parents in my congregation to talk about sex with teenagers?


How can I support families with additional needs within my congregation?

How can I support people going through economic hardship as a result of Covid-19?

How can Church leaders encourage families who are fostering and adopting in our congregations?

How can we go from fallouts to building strong relationships?

Kayte Potter, 11/08/2020