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The Royal Foundation - 5 Big Insights 

NPI Response - November 2020

Last week the results of the Duchess of Cambridge’s 5 Big Insights from the Royal Foundation study were unveiled.  The aim was to “shed light on what the UK thinks about the early years”, and the survey results certainly give a picture of the significance of this time in family life.

At the NPI, where our passion and vision is focused on the strengthening of families across the UK, we are ever aware of the tensions parenting can bring – the simultaneous elation at new life, alongside the acute exhaustion, huge joy at a child’s progress, while at the same time fearing judgement at every tantrum.  To add to this pressure, the survey shows a huge increase in parental loneliness as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

While some of the results may make for a difficult read, we believe they are a great starting point for a wider societal conversation about how we support and empower parents in the crucial early years, both for the long term health and wellbeing of their children, as well as themselves.

As the results attest, some of our deepest fears as parents – judgement and loneliness, are shared by countless others.  It is our hope that as a collective conversation begins, we can begin to see compassionate change, ensuring that every new parent is supported, encouraged and empowered on their journey.

As a Christian charity with a passion to see family life strengthened, we are in the privileged position of signposting churches to resources that can help families both in their church family and wider community to flourish, as well as connecting with families directly.  

We’re proud to share with others about great organisations who produce resources to support new parents; from parenting courses to blog posts, attachment webinars to podcasts, there is so much available to help parents to feel equipped, educated and less alone, and it’s our mission to share it at every opportunity.