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Being part of the Cornwall NPI Regional Team has been very rewarding over the last few years, we began to work together following an NPI Vision event in Truro, here in Cornwall – in the days pre-COVID where we could gather with a lovely big crowd in person in one room! Remember those days?!  Jane Auld had bought together under that one roof numerous parenting course initiatives, some of whom also spoke about their resources. We began with a core group of members from across the Christian denominations all with a passion to see more and more parents undertake courses on parenting – much needed here in Cornwall.  Parenting Courses aren’t “one size fits all”, what will work in one setting will not necessarily work in another. One of the advantages of having a Cornwall regional team is that we are able to hold various parenting initiatives, such as courses, inspirational and encouraging books, leaflets etc that churches can borrow, in order to ascertain the course which would work best in their setting, prior to then buying into the course which offers the most appropriate materiel for them. It can be very expensive to purchase several courses simply to look through the material, especially as most churches here in Cornwall are not financially well resourced. We are also here to offer advice on courses etc which we know to be successful in areas similar to theirs. The NPI website has a plethora of information for us, and you – including a link to our Youtube channel with videos, the latest series is “Empowering Parents” with interviews with major players on the parenting scene – some good viewing! The website is also jampacked with all the latest news, details of resources and much more.
There have been some changes in our membership during our formation, some temporary, e.g. due to maternity leave and some permanent - due to other life changes. We have not met during lockdowns 1-3, however we are hoping that perhaps by early spring we can rectify that, (watch this space!) and get on with the business of organising events for those wanting to know more about offering parenting courses in their areas, either as an individual church or group of churches in a given geographical area. We can then publicise full details of the numerous resources we hold for groups to borrow prior to hosting a course.
For those of you in the Manchester area, please note that NPI are planning an online Vision Event for your area on Tuesday 16th March, 12 noon.  This is a chance to invite everyone who signed up for the event last spring to join us online to find out about the NPI, who we ae, what we do, and why. Some of our partner organisations including Fegans, Kids Matter, Parenting for Faith and Connected Lives, are due to attend.
If you would like any further information on this exciting event , or for details on how to register/log on to this - please contact Kayte via

Derath Durkin
NPI Cornwall Regional Team


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The Royal Foundation - 5 Big Insights 

NPI Response 

Last week the results of the Duchess of Cambridge’s 5 Big Insights from the Royal Foundation study were unveiled.  The aim was to “shed light on what the UK thinks about the early years”, and the survey results certainly give a picture of the significance of this time in family life.

At the NPI, where our passion and vision is focused on the strengthening of families across the UK, we are ever aware of the tensions parenting can bring – the simultaneous elation at new life, alongside the acute exhaustion, huge joy at a child’s progress, while at the same time fearing judgement at every tantrum.  To add to this pressure, the survey shows a huge increase in parental loneliness as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

While some of the results may make for a difficult read, we believe they are a great starting point for a wider societal conversation about how we support and empower parents in the crucial early years, both for the long term health and wellbeing of their children, as well as themselves.

As the results attest, some of our deepest fears as parents – judgement and loneliness, are shared by countless others.  It is our hope that as a collective conversation begins, we can begin to see compassionate change, ensuring that every new parent is supported, encouraged and empowered on their journey.

As a Christian charity with a passion to see family life strengthened, we are in the privileged position of signposting churches to resources that can help families both in their church family and wider community to flourish, as well as connecting with families directly.  

We’re proud to share with others about great organisations who produce resources to support new parents; from parenting courses to blog posts, attachment webinars to podcasts, there is so much available to help parents to feel equipped, educated and less alone, and it’s our mission to share it at every opportunity.